East Stroudsburg, PA

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Crystal C
Owner and Visionary

Making Dreams Come True

As children, we are often asked what we would like to be when we grow up. Common

answers, such as doctor, lawyer and astronaut always reign high. However, for Crystal Michelle

Chaplin, she knew as early as age eight, that wedding planning was indeed her purpose. And she

wasn't the only one who took notice of her destiny.

In 2006, an old acquaintance was pulling her hair from its roots, as many of us women do when

planning our own wedding. Ms. Chaplin knew that this was the time to tie a cape around her

neck and save the day. As organza, flower balls and tea lights became her best friends, there

was confirmation that her dream was taking its first steps. In 2007, Crystal signed on the

dotted line, enrolling herself into a Penn Foster course to start honing her craft. As she took

classes, she apprenticed a local wedding planner, submerging herself with hands on training,

and knowledge of the business that black ink on pages wouldn't provide the details for. Crystal

Michelle also worked at Forever Yours Bridal Boutique, as well as, Simply Elegant, which led her

to standing in an assistant's role at some of the biggest bridal shows in the area. After

receiving her certification, she pursued a degree in business management, with the

determination of having her own business of making bride's dreams come true. With her big city

aspirations, she knew that a small town like Fort Walton Beach provided too many boundaries

for her visions, leading her to pack up and move to the dazzling city of New York, New York

seeking any opportunities that will bring her closer to her desire. Currently, Crystal has enrolled

in a wedding and event planning course at the Manhattan Borough community College, as she

holds on to the fact that you can never have too much knowledge on the things that mean the

world to you. Needless to say, when Crystal received a taste her dream, her ambitions

escalated to non_reversible heights, only leaving room for their pursuance.

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